I have sung songs for children for years. It’s something that I really love, and it’s always a great outlet for my creativity and imagination. I have been fortunate enough to put out multiple albums, tour the country performing for audiences of all shapes and sizes, write some children’s books, and even host a children’s television program for a time.

Rory show

As I mentioned in my last post, the story of “Family,” one of the tracks on my new CD, “Little Lullaby,” begins with the story of Tom (or Tommy G., as many of us called him), my dear friend and musical partner.

Tom mentored me (and many others) in developing a musical career. The founding member of the British-influenced rock band The Hangmen, which had hits in the late 60’s, Tom started out in music studying jazz guitar. He was gifted at finding the subtle humor in everything, and he absolutely loved the creative process.

When I first met Tom, I was lucky enough to get hired to be one of a group of studio singers he used on his commercial (jingle) sessions. That experience taught me so much; how to be a good listener in the studio and how to blend with other voices. It was my introduction to the music industry.

Tom had a gift for bringing people together. I was introduced to some of the finest musicians I’d ever been around. So, when I had the idea to create some new music for little ones, Tom was my go-to guy.

We started with one or two tunes, never realizing that this would be the beginning of a long musical partnership. That’s how Rory’s Little Songs was born. From that point on, we collaborated on all of the music, and toured together for years. One of those early songs we wrote was “Family.” It became a kind of signature song for us; something that audiences seemed to really connect with.


Tom passed away in 2012, and I am so glad that I am able to keep his spirit alive in a way by sharing “Family” with you.