I am such a family person. It’s everything to me. I grew up in a really close family, and I treasure the time we spend together.

My dear friend and musical partner Tom Guernsey was the same way. Tom and I spent a lot of time together at his home in Garrett Park, Maryland, to do a lot of our songwriting and recording. One of the earliest songs we wrote together, we titled “Family” because family is heart and soul for us. We believed that if we felt that way, a lot of other people probably do, too.

Rory and Tom

I hope you will enjoy the video for “Family” that I put together. It is made up of photos of real families—my own, those of my friends, and those of friends of friends. In creating the video, it was important to me that families of all shapes and sizes be represented, because the love in a family can be shared by everyone. It connects us all, no matter what our families may look like.

When I started thinking about my new album, “Little Lullaby,” I knew “Family” had to be included. It’s a song about the love that is common to all types of families, connecting everyone in spite of our differences. Needless to say, “Family” holds a special meaning for me.